What types of models does Parts represent?

Parts Models represents models for specific parts of the body such as hands, legs, feet, bodies and facial features.

Does Parts have any requirements?

We accept males and females at least 18 years of age.

Hand models — hands should have flawless, smooth skin with evenly shaped nails. The shape of the hands is important. Men’s hands should not be too hairy.

Leg models — legs should be smooth, long and shapely. Skin should be free of veins, scars, and blemishes.

Feet — should have smooth skin tone with evenly shaped toes and nails. Skin should be free of veins, corns, or other foot blemishes.

Shoe size can range; size 6-10 for women, and 7-12 for men.

Torso — for men and women, even skin tone and a well-shaped body.

Does Parts represent ethnic models?

Yes, Parts represents and will consider models of any ethnic and racial background.

Does Parts hold open calls?

We do not have open calls, all models must submit photographs by mail first. We will review them and then set up an appointment to see the model in person.

What should I do to be considered?

You should mail two or three professional photographs of the "parts" you model. We accept photographs by mail only.

What if I don’t have professional photographs?

Our field of modeling deals with very specific visual requirements. The only way we can effectively evaluate your "parts" is by submitting photos that are professionally lit and photographed. Unfortunately snapshots and home photos do not have the clarity of image and detail we need.

What types of photographs should I send?

The photographs can be color or black and white. The photographs can be any size; 4x6, 5x7, but no larger than 8x10. They should be clear photographs of the body parts you model.

Are there any specific poses you need to see in the photographs?

There are no set poses. If you are sending photos of your legs, you should include at least one full length and one photo from the waist down. For hands, photos can be of one hand or both together, two or three prints. For your feet, either barefoot or in open sandals.

What should I send if I am already modeling?

You should send your composite or zed card.

What information should I include with my photographs?

You should include your name, address, and all your telephone contact numbers. If you model hands you also need your glove size (not small, medium, large — this is the number of the glove size you wear) ring size. If you model legs and feet, your shoe size. For females also include your age, height, bust, waist, hips, hair color, eye color, and age. For males, your height, weight, suit size, waist, inseam, shirt size, hair color, eye color and age.

I already have photographs in a portfolio, should I send the portfolio?

No, just send two or three reprints from the material in your book. Do not send the only copy of any photograph you have. A laser or any other type of copy is fine.

How long does it take before I hear if you are interested.

That can take a few weeks to a few months. Please do not call or email. If we are interested we will contact you.

Will Parts return my photographs?

We will return photographs only if you include a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope large enough to hold your photographs. If you send 5x7 photographs, a letter-sized envelope will not hold your photos and we will not return them.

Will I hear if Parts is not interested?

If there is no interest you will not hear back unless you have included a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope where we can return your photographs.

Does Parts charge a fee to review my photographs?

We do not charge a registration, evaluation or other initial fee in advance. Be cautious of any agency that charges money upfront.

Where do I send my photographs?

Our mailing address is Parts Models, PO Box 7529 FDR Station, New York NY 10150.

You can also send for our 17 page booklet which gives more information for beginning "PARTS" models. The cost is $12.00 payable by money order or cash only. We do not accept checks. The mailing address is Parts Models, PO Box 7529 FDR Station, New York NY 10150.

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